Fundus Photography

Modern technology means that your optometrist can now use a special camera to take photographs of the inside of your eyes.  This allows us to see any abnormalities very easily, and provides a permanent record of the condition of your eyes at a certain date.  This is especially useful if you have diabetes, glaucoma, or many other conditions as we can compare any changes to the ‘snapshot’ we have on record.

Each time you visit us we can take photographs of the inside of your eyes and compare them to photographs that we took last time.  It is much easier to spot problems if we can see how your eyes are changing over time. And the earlier we spot problems, the more likely it is that they can be treated before they cause irreversible damage.

 The process itself doesn’t hurt at all – all that is involved is a brief flash of light as the photograph is taken and the image will appear on the computer screen.

 This procedure is currently provided as part of our private eye examination, but is not provided by the NHS or in basic tests.  If you wish, you can request this procedure as a private patient. Just ask any of our team for details.


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