Welcome to East Quay Vision, the optical practice set up in 2009  by Optometrists Sarah and Edward Farrant and the GPs at East Quay Medical Centre.

Gareth Dunn and Coraley Dunn are the current Optometrists at the practice, assisted by a fantastic team.

At East Quay we believe in providing the best level of care and attention, tailored to meet the needs of each person we see.

Our aim at East Quay Vision is to deliver the best level of eye care to all our patients in a professional and friendly environment. We do much more than “sight tests” and tailor the examination to meet your specific needs.

We offer a range of clinical services such as:

– Comprehensive eye testing

– A wide range of glasses, sunglasses and safety spectacles

– Contact lenses to suit all patients

– OCT scanning

– A dry/gritty/watery eye clinic

We also see & treat patients with acute eye problems. Known as the ACES scheme, this is funded by the Somerset ICB to provide local assessment & treatment of acute eye conditions such as blepharitis & foreign bodies.

We also do NHS screening for people at risk of glaucoma and provide the local NHS service for monitoring patients with occular hypertension. We also offer a private service to patients with glaucoma and ocular hypertension.

We have now teamed up with The Hearing Care Partnership to be able to offer free hearing assessments, hearing aids and hearing aid aftercare and ear wax removal.

You don’t have to be a patient of East Quay Medical Centre to see us!

We believe that your eyes are precious, after all they need to last you a lifetime.