Eye Examinations

During our comprehensive eye examinations we take the time to explain the procedures carried out and the results found in a clear manner.

Contact Lenses

Our contact lens clinics are designed to cater for every current of potential lens wearer. Our skills in contact lens fitting mean that even if you have been told you can’t wear contact lenses elsewhere we can often fit a pair that suits you.

Acute Eye Care

Accredited by the local NHS (Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group – CCG) we see and treat patients with acute eye problems. Known as the ACES scheme, this service is funded by the CCG to ensure patients receive high quality, local assessment and treatment of acute eye conditions like red eye, blepharitis and foreign bodies.

Glaucoma Screening Service

We are also accredited for the new NHS Glaucoma screening service. If your optometrist finds you have high eye pressure in your routine eye check we will check these again with different equipment and refer you if necessary.

Glaucoma Monitoring and Treatment Service

We now see patients with glaucoma and high eye pressures for monitoring and management as an alternative to going to Hospital. We have expertise, experience and technology that means Bridgwater has a pioneering new service.

Dry/Gritty/Watery Eye Clinic

Dry eyes are normally the result of either not producing enough tears or the tears evaporating from the eyes too quickly. This can lead to a wide range of symptoms that, if left untreated, can result in a vicious cycle of discomfort and redness.

Our specialist private dry eye clinic can cater for all types of dry eye from that slight gritty feeling at the end of a long day on the computer through to severe dry eye or watery eye problems.

During the appointment your symptoms and tear profile are assessed using easy painless techniques and a treatment plan is developed according to your eyes individual needs. The aim is then to use treatments to target the root cause of the problem in order to make your eyes more comfortable.