Does your eye hurt?

If your eye suddenly becomes painful, you should have your eyes examined straight-away to determine the cause because urgent treatment may be required. Any eye pain related to burns (chemical or flash) or related to a traumatic event such as an object puncturing the eye, a blow to the eye with a foreign object, or … Continued

Seeing flashing lights? Or ‘floaters’?

Often, people who have healthy eyes see floaters. They appear as spots, lines or cobweb effects, usually when you look at a plain surface such as a white wall or a clear blue sky.  They often appear when the clear jelly in the main part of your eye gets older.  Sometimes the jelly in the … Continued

Something in your eye?

A ‘foreign body’ could be any type of material that blows, drops or lands in your eye such as grit, paint or dust. Some objects such as grit or paint may blow or drop onto the front of the eye or under one of your eyelids. These ‘superficial’ foreign bodies need to be removed to … Continued

Fundus Photography

Modern technology means that your optometrist can now use a special camera to take photographs of the inside of your eyes.  This allows us to see any abnormalities very easily, and provides a permanent record of the condition of your eyes at a certain date.  This is especially useful if you have diabetes, glaucoma, or … Continued